Officers and Board of Directors


President – Dan Greaney – greaneys AT yahoo DOT com

Vice-president – Chad Scott – chadscott AT wintuaudubon DOT org

Treasurer – Beth Brockman – bethbrockman AT wintuaudubon DOT org

Recording Secretary – Catherine Camp – ccatherinecamp AT gmail DOT com

Corresponding Secretary – Jeanette Carroll – jeannettemcarroll AT gmail DOT com

  • Bea Currie – cbeabob AT aol DOT com


Conservation – Janet Wall – lawmillville AT frontiernet DOT net and

  • Bruce Webb – webbfarm AT gmail DOT com

Education – Roberta Winchell – jwinchell AT sbcglobal DOT net

Event Coordinator – Chad Scott – chadscott AT wintuaudubon DOT org

Field Trips – Michael Carion – mpcarion AT gmail DOT com

Finance – Catherine Camp – ccatherinecamp AT gmail DOT com and

  • Connie Word – cword-50 AT charter DOT net

Membership – George Horn – geohorn123 AT gmail DOT com and

  • Janice Hunter – janiceh365 AT gmail DOT com

Newsletter – Sally NeSmith – sallynes17 AT gmail DOT com and

  • Bill Oliver – wwoliver9 AT gmail DOT com

Programs – Linda Aldrich – lindaaldrich AT earthlink DOT net and

  • Janice Hunter – janiceh365 AT gmail DOT com

Publicity – Larry Jordan – webmaster AT wintuaudubon DOT org

Webmaster – Larry Jordan – webmaster AT wintuaudubon DOT org

Directors at Large:
Esther Cox, Harvey Carroll, and John Winchell


Wintu Audubon Strategic Plan for 2014 – 2015
The purpose of this plan is to establish goals and objectives that may be achieved in the coming years. Nevertheless, it is a plan and subject to change and revision as circumstances dictate. This plan should be used as a road map for activities as the chapter functions and participates within the community.

Annual Plan

  1. Provide ten membership meetings with programs on conservation, birding, science, and natural history subjects.
  2. Provide one full day and two half-day field trips per month, excluding July and August.
  3. Continue and expand youth training and support through school and community outreach presentations, including our 2nd Saturday bird walks, and provide binoculars and field guides to children for these events. As our budget allows and requests are made, continue to support youth participation in birding festivals.
  4. Provide a Chapter Newsletter on a bi-monthly basis, excluding July and August.
  5. Review, comment, and provide guidance on EIRs, Forest/BLM management plans, and other activities which affect bird habitat or a safe environment in our area.
  6. Support and participate in Christmas Bird Counts for Redding, Anderson, Red Bluff and Fall River Valley, and participate in other counts in the surrounding area.
  7. Maintain liaison with and actively support the following: Shasta Land Trust; California Native Plant Society, Shasta Chapter; Local Watershed Projects; Horsetown Clear Creek Preserve; City Parks development; California Department of Fish and Game; the National Park Service; and the Nature Conservancy at Dye Creek Preserve.
  8. Participate in the following events as fund-raising and outreach activities:
    a.  Provide a booth at the annual Redding Earth Day/Watershed Festival.
    b. “Return of the Salmon Festival” with a booth at the Coleman National Fish Hatchery.
    c.  Co-host “Garden & Birding Tours” with the Shasta Chapter California Native Plant Society in May.
    d.  Explore the benefits of having “The Big Day” in our area.
  9. Provide an active Website with links to the world of birding, plus special features such as backyard birding, care of hummingbird feeders, green activities, alerts on avian botulism and other bird diseases, where to bird within the county, a free county birding checklist, and a myriad of other information subjects.
  10. Continue fund raising activities through T-shirt sales and website donations, and search for other sources of income, including grants and grant opportunities.
  11. Expand chapter outreach through greater public visibility and working with local media facilities.
  12. Improve chapter participation.
  13. Review the Strategic Plan annually to ensure progress toward stated goals.
  14. Monitor and protect local Important Bird Areas.
  15. Work with local watershed groups, providing bird surveys and other support.

Five Year Plan

  1. Improve local chapter membership by twenty five (25) percent overall.
  2. Conduct a five year review of by-laws in years ending in 0 and 5.
  3. Review and revise the Shasta County Bird Checklist.
  4. Recognize personal achievement within the chapter by members and officers.
  5. Conduct a property inventory.
  6. Research, find and develop an area to be habitat friendly for birds. Work with the local Native Plant Society for appropriate plants.
  7. Continue membership in the Technical Advisory Committee to oversee mortality at the Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm.

Ten Year Plan

  1. Survive and grow providing service to the community and its critters, especially birds.

Wintu Audubon Society Constitution and Bylaws