Birding Facts

ORNITHOLOGY: Knowledge from Science and Research

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Research, Citizen Science, Conservation and Education

National Audubon Society: Audubon’s Bird and Science Web pages


SORA, Searchable Ornithological Research Archive: SORA provides access to an extensive library of ornithological literature of international scope, and detailed material documenting the history of ornithology in North America over the last 120 years

Ornithology, The Science of Birds: Everything about wild birds

Point Reyes Bird Observatory: Innovative Scientific Research and Outreach

Ornithological Council: Information from eleven North American Ornithological Societies

Clemson University Radar Ornithology Laboratory: Bird Migration

BirdSource Projects: The Great Backyard Bird Count

UC Berkeley: Introduction to the Aves

Answers From the Experts

Ornithology FAQs: Answers to commonly asked questions and the exploding of a few myths

Earthlife: The amazing world of birds

Enchanted Learning: All about birds Great for kids of all ages!

West Nile Virus

California Department of Health Services: West Nile California

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: West Nile Virus FAQ

National Wildlife Health Center: West Nile Virus Information

Avian Flu

BirdLife International: Statement on Avian Flu

National Wildlife Health Center: Avian Flu Updates

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Avian Flu FAQ

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: All about the Flu

National Audubon: Avian Influenza Information