Wintu Audubon Society Chapter Membership

Membership in your local Audubon chapter, Wintu Audubon Society is $20 for one year or $35 for two years of membership. Chapter memberships include voting privileges, the chapter newsletter “Chirp-N-Chatter”, and full access to local field trips, meetings, seminars and other birding activities. Chapter membership does not include membership in National Audubon.

As a chapter member, you have the opportunity to serve on and chair committees, participate in local educational and conservation activities and serve on the Board of Directors. With a chapter membership in Wintu Audubon, all of your dues go to support the activities of the local chapter. 100% of your funds stay right here in Shasta County to help support local birding programs and activities. Our chapter code is C-38 7XCH

New National Audubon Society Membership

Basic dues for National Audubon are $20 for the first year. You will be billed directly by National Audubon for membership renewals.

New National memberships include voting privileges in both National Audubon Society and Wintu Audubon Society, the National Audubon magazine (published four times a year), and membership privileges in the local chapter.

In addition, you have the opportunity to run for the Board of Directors in the National Audubon Society and participate in national educational and conservation activities and projects. New National membership checks should be made out to National Audubon Society and sent to the local membership address below. National renewal dues should be sent directly to National Audubon Society (National Audubon will bill you).

You can download a paper Membership Application here

Local Membership Address:

Mail checks payable to: 
Audubon Society Membership
PO Box 994533,
Redding, CA. 96099-4533


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